Traditional Orange Gold 7 Diya Plate


Celebrate the breath of existence.

~Lailah Gifty Akita

Celebrations are about highlighting special moments. They are the means through which you celebrate all that is special about you and your life. Bright lights, vibrant colors and pleasing sounds, all contribute to make the celebration more memorable. The more the memory hooks, the clearer the memory.

The color combination of this diya tray- orange and gold- is a traditional, timeless classic. These colors have always spelt celebration to the Indian psyche. We love our celebrations prodigiously opulent.

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Specifications:  Hand-painted diya tray created by Indian Artisans. The technique they use is called cone-work. The color paste used is created by the artisans using organic materials and techniques. While the base is specially produced fine chalk, the rest of the ingredients are a closely guarded secret. These secret recipes have been passed down from one generation to the next.

The terracotta used for making these diyas is clay which comes from the river bed of Brahamputra river.

Materials Used: Terracotta, traditional dyes and acrylic paints

Quality: The best quality acrylic colors have been used to create this product. It can be safely cleaned with a damp cloth.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: The set will be securely packaged for dispatch. To ensure that minimal PVC/ plastic packaging is used, the set will be packed in organic, paper or fabric straw.

 Gift Hamper: Order these lovely diyas for yourself or let us send it on your behalf as a gift to a loved one. There are plenty of other things you can add to this set and let us create a beautifully decorated hamper to make this Diwali special for you and your family.

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