Ceramic Tealight Aroma Diffuser: Handpainted


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Handpainted, Black Tealight Aroma Diffuser:

A Tealight Aroma Diffuser offers a versatile and convenient way to use fragrances in your homes and offices. Aromas are mood-lifters and stress busters. The diffusers are the perfect option for those who are allergic to smoke as the diffusers release no smoke unlike agarbattis and dhoops!

You can also create your own mix of aromas as per your mood. More lavender if you are stressed, more lemon grass- with a hint of orange- if you room feels stale and needs freshening up a bit. As for chocolate aroma… that is surely an all time favorite. When you are feeling adventurous, mix, match and concoct your own special blends. Your home would be fragrant and no one would be able to figure out the exact aroma you are using!

The bowl would contain water and a 4-5 drops aroma oil. The lighted tealight below would heat the water and cause the oil to vaporize, diffusing the aroma and filling your room with it.

You can use the diffuser without the aroma oils too. The body of the diffuser is cut and carved to allow light from the tealight to make glowing patterns all around it. Light one up and watch the magic play.

When you use an essential oil to atomize in the diffuser bowl, you can enjoy many health benefits associated with the oil.

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Size: 31 cms diameter  13cms high

Materials: Ceramic, Aroma Oil, paraffin wax tealight.

Complimentary Add-ons: Each diffuser you order from Tissayra will be a beautifully packaged set including a 15ml glass bottle of Eucalyptus aroma oil and two tealights.

Maintenance and Care: Wash the diffuser with warm soapy water and a soft plastic scrubbed. Do not hard scrub. In case of deposits accumulating in the bowl, please use a paste made of baking powder and vinegar. Apply and leave it on for 20 mins. Then wash with soapy water as usual.

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