Slanted Eyes Ceramic Aroma Diffuser


the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with

~Nayyirah Waheed

Aromas are powerful agents to help calm the heart, mind and spirit. Aromas are evocative and have the ability to transport you to places you didn’t know you were seeking. Aromas have the ability to dispel negative energies and turn your space positive and vibrant, clearing the way for the best of the universe to find you.

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Specifications: Ceramic Tea light aroma diffuser, yellow. The bowl which would contain a mix of water and aroma/ essential oils is deep. The carving on the body of the diffuser casts beautiful patterns when a lighted tealight is placed within the receptacle.

Materials: Ceramic, Aroma Oil, paraffin wax tealight.

Complimentary Add-ons: Each diffuser you order from Tissayra will be a beautifully packaged set including a 15ml glass bottle of aroma oil(please indicate your choice below) and two tealights. If you wish to replace the aroma oil with essential oil, the essential oil will be charged to you additionally.

Build your own gift hamper: Order this beautiful ceramic diffuser for yourself or let us send it on your behalf as a gift to a loved one. While you are about it, you might want to add some of the other beautiful things we have on stock and let us create a beautifully decorated hamper to make this Diwali special for you and your family. [Hint: Have you checked out our chocolates yet?]

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