Mirrored Jewelry Box With Lid: Home Decor


There is all the difference in the world between treasure and money.

~ Roderick Townley

Things which are truly treasured usually have a low monetary value. Even if they are highly priced, their preciousness may have nothing to do with how expensive they were. Treasures become precious because of the memories wrapped in their delicate folds. Sometimes the memory is of a tender moment, an exuberant triumph or that of a precipitous milestone reached without fan-fare but with a quiet and terrible struggle.

You are often unable to explain to another, why your treasures are precious to you.  To do that, you’d have to quantify and measure the exact structure of the emotional component that makes the treasure worth treasuring. To break down a complex, composite edifice of an emotional experience into is constituent parts is well neigh impossible for almost all of us.

This is why you have secret chambers in your heart. In those chambers, you hide your treasures. You don’t want to be questioned about them. You know you can never explain to another why something (or someone) is as precious to you as it is.

When you fling open the doors of the secret chambers to someone, you do it because that someone is the biggest treasure of all. They are the one for whom you collected all your treasures over the years. You know they will understand what those treasures mean to you- and why. You know those things would be precious to them as well.

This Jewelry Box can become the perfect gift for someone who has many such treasures. 


This Jewelry Box is made with upcycled paper! This takes re-purposing to quite another level.

Studded with round mirrors and glowing kundans, the box is not only functional but stunningly lovely. It is also as versatile as you can wish it to be.

Use it to store your trinkets or makeup or put in some candy/confectionary and put it on your coffee table to intrigue and surprise your guests.

Specifications: The Jewelry Box is handmade, ecofriendly, multipurpose, and light-weight.

Size: Height: 4 inches, Circumference of box: 17 inches, Diameter of base: 6 inches

Materials Used to make: Paper, Acrylic Colors, Mirrors, Kundans, beads, decorative laces and riboons.

Though the box is made of paper, it is very sturdy and robust. Care has been taken to ensure that it keeps its shape for years. The basket has been given an opulent gold finish which would coordinate with any color scheme. After a few coats of transparent varnish to preserve its color and structure from moisture, it is ready to adorn your home.

Care and Maintenance: To clean, wipe with a soft dry duster. Do not wet wipe. Keep away from moisture and wet surfaces are far as possible. If not in use, wrap with tissue/ soft cotton and store in a box.

Write to us at tissayragifts@gmail.com or inbox me on Tissayra’s Facebook Page for placing a customized order. We’d be delighted to make a customized basket/box for you.

After all, Tissayra is all about personalized, handmade gifting.

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 6 × 17 × 4 in


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