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This two-sided rich maroon and bright yellow rug has been crocheted from up-cycled georgette. The rug is durable and rugged. With proper handling, it will last many years. It is color fast and can be machine washed and dried with colored clothes.

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Hand-made rug,  eco-friendly, upcycled and re-purposed, made in a serene, smoke free environment.

Material: Georgette

At Tissayra you are sure to find your unique rug, one that speaks to you.

The rugs you see on these pages are a festival celebrating your spirit. They are a gift you give to yourself or to someone you love. They communicate regard, respect, appreciation and love without the need for words. They give you a way to show that you cherish someone who is worthy of being cherished. In all the world, there is not a better way to show your love than to show someone that they are truly, sincerely and deeply appreciated.

The gift can commemorate a breakthrough, celebrate a milestone or honor a special moment in your journey. Or it can used to venerate all those ordinary, unspectacular but wholesome moments which have brought you where you are today. What better way could there be to thank the benevolent universe than to express gratitude and appreciation for your own life?

Let this rug find a place in your pooja room… or in that nook where you head when you want to introspect and voyage within. Place it as a cushion on your favorite chair from where you weave beautiful visions (and versions) of yourself. Or use it as a rug for a large idol/ bust which inspires you to undertake an inner journey. Or place your flower vase on it and let it bring the vitality and joy of colorful blooms into your home.

Lay by your bedside so that this is the first thing your feet touch when you wake up in the morning.  Place it in your kitchen as you cook for your family and let your feet feel rested and pampered as they sink into its softness. Or place it on your work-desk and let it bring some cheerful sensuality to your busy days! Your imagination can suggest myriad ways in which you can make this rug a part of your everyday life.

Put together a beautiful Gift Hamper!

Order this beautiful rug for yourself or let us send it on your behalf as a gift to a loved one. There are plenty of other things you can add to this set and let us create a beautifully decorated hamper to put together a gift that is truly special.

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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 in


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