Handmade Decor: Miniature Silver Wire Tree


Handmade Decor: Miniature Silver Tree with Enameled Leaves:

This delicate looking miniature wire tree is made with silver coated wire and has white pearl beads and enameled pink and blue leaves for decoration. The beautiful tree stands in a silvery round tray with some decorative pebbles teamed with hand painted river bed stones. The entire ensemble looks extremely elegant and beautiful.

Optional Combo Offer:

Aroma Diffuser: Pair this beautiful wire tree with a Ceramic tealight Aroma Diffuser with a white body and a blue bowl. The bowl would contain a mix of water and aroma/ essential oils. The patterned cut-outs on the body of the diffuser cast beautiful patterns when a lighted tealight is placed within the receptacle.

Complimentary Add-ons With the Diffuser: Each diffuser you order from Tissayra will be a beautifully packaged set including a 15ml glass bottle of Lavender/ Eucalyptus  aroma oil and two tealights.

Build your own gift hamper:

Order this beautiful combination for yourself or let us send it on your behalf as a gift to a loved one. While you are about it, you might want to add some of the other beautiful things we have on stock and let us create a beautifully decorated hamper to make this gift all the more special.

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Handmade Decor Combo Offer!

The handmade Wire Tree and Aroma Diffuser is a perfectly complimentary combination of two distinct, individually beautiful elements.

These two elements combine to create a brilliant statement piece which is not only elegant but very stylish. The two pieces come together perfectly to create an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Put them together on an old vintage tray or platter. Add a few of your knick-knacks- perhaps a book or two- and you will have created a conversation starter which is as unique as your style. 

The combination not only brings in a strong visual appeal. The wisps of Lavender Aroma from the diffuser help create a calm ambiance absolutely suited to appreciate all that is beautiful and refined in your life.

The presence of a live flame only adds to the appeal of the statement piece.

The Handmade Wire Tree uses the best possible materials to ensure long usage while still retaining its newness.

Materials Used:

Wire Tree: Silver coated wire, enameled leaf beads, round pearl beads, melamine tray, decorative stones, river bed stones, acrylic paint

Diffuser Pack: Ceramic, Aroma Oil, paraffin wax tealight.

Maintenance and Care:

Wire Tree: Just dust lightly with a feather duster. Restructure the limbs of the tree if required,

Diffuser Pack: Clean the diffuser with a wash cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Do not use a harsh brush.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Combo Options:

Wire Tree, Wire Tree with Aroma Diffuser, Aroma Diffuser


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