Acrylic Kundan Rangoli #209: Traditional Festive Decor


Acrylic sheet cut-outs embellished with colorful beads, pearls and kundans.

You can arrange these Rangolis on the floor- at the entrance o-f your home, in front of your pooja ghar or you can put them together to jazz up your coffee/ dining table. Just add a diya/tealight or two and you have a visual treat all ready to dazzle!



Acrylic Kundan Rangoli:

A quick and convenient way to infuse a traditional touch to your festive decor is to use an Acrylic Kundan Rangoli. Immensely versatile, these rangolis lend themselves to multiple arrangements to produce dramatically different effects.

The rangolis are made on a transparent acrylic sheet. The pattern of the surface you put the rangoli on will show through. If you don’t want the pattern to show, just put down a sheet of plain paper under it.

The acrylic kundan rangoli set had been made using a transparent sheet, commonly used to create OHP transparencies. The pattern of the surface you assemble the rangoli on, will show through. If you don’t want that, you can place a sheet to plain paper under the pieces when you put the rangoli together. Since the base of this kundan rangoli is acrylic, a little dampness will not damage the set.

The rangoli set is very colorful and eye-catching in its simple design. Check out the different ways in can be arranged in to create absolutely different looks. Put it together on the floor, in front of your pooja corner or on your coffee table. Use it in conjunction with the tradition hand-drawn rangoli; arrange a pattern of flower petals around it; put in a few lighted terracotta decorative diyas for that ethnic touch and be amazed how spectacular an effect you have created without any hassles.

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Materials Used: Transparent acrylic sheet (OHP sheet), pearl beads and kundan

Size: 12-14 inches, 7 pieces.

Maintenance and Care: Just wipe with a soft dry cotton fabric, warp the pieces individually in brown paper and store until they need to be used again. Do not be alarmed if a kundan piece comes unglued. Just dab a little white PVA glue and press the bead into place.


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 12 × 14 in


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