About Us

The Italian word for TREASURE is ‘Tesoro‘. From Tesoro is born TISSAYRA the treasure chest of sophisticated and unique handmade gifts.

Tissayra offers handcrafted gifts to match your style and taste. The things we create are elegant and stylish; mostly handmade and always eco-friendly. AND, they are always, ALWAYS, 100% Indian.

The gifts range from every day and festive home décor to stunning artwork. Some of our offerings are manufactured goods but they too made it to our site because they are a fine accompaniment to our handmade range. For example, our tea-light Aroma Diffusers, with their range of soothing and calming aromas, are a wonderful complement to our Meditation Rugs.

Our focus is on making your gift as special as we can. This not only includes creating custom-designed craft work, but also presenting, packaging it in such a way that spells love and care. Among other things, our shipments go with a special hand-written note based on the brief you give us about the person to whom the shipment is being sent, the occasion for which the gift is being sent and your relationship with the recipient.

Sometimes, we also include a bag of fragrant, home-made potpourri which contains no artificial aromas, coloring or additives. At no extra charge. Just like that. Yes, we’re a tad whimsical that way.

The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.

~Sarah Dessen

We are proud to boast that Tissayra has no competition. No one offers to do what we do. Our extra-mile service has been tried and never found wanting. We have earned the right to boast thus by working hard (and with love) while creating the lovely things we create.


A handmade gift demonstrates your style better than words can. If the lack of time has made you wonder where you can get your ideas for creating unique gifts implemented, wonder no more. Tissayra would love to be your handmaiden and work under your directions.


You want your gifts to be exquisite. You want it to show that you spent time figuring out what would give the greatest happiness to the recipient of your gift. The true purpose of gifting is to make the recipient feel cherished and precious, after all.

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.

~Pierre Corneille

Gifts are not only for loved ones- for family and friends. Gifts are also for you… from you. You, who are your own most faithful companion and lustiest cheer-leader!

The things we create are often created using re-purposed materials (we mention it clearly when they are) and thus, are eco-friendly. Being mindful of the well-being of our common home, our brilliant blue planet, is important to us. When you shop with us, therefore, you nurture many birds with one click.

Tissayra is the right place for you if you looking for:


  • Tasteful and elegant home décor
  • Trendy, quirky and atypical gifts
  • Uncommon party favors and return gifts
  • Gifts for your special someone
  • Parting memento/ commemoration gift

Just in case you don’t find something that arrests your attention, we are certain our artifacts will trigger off a slew of ideas that you can share with us so we can custom create something specially for you.

Email us at tissayragifts@gmail.com or inbox us at our Facebook Page to discuss your gift requirements with us.

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Go ahead then, Gift Your Style!