Revitalize Your Space: Seasonal Reboot

A few simple steps can fill dull living spaces with new energy and revitalize them.

Just as negative energies may deplete a person’s aura, so also the vitality of a space may diminish.

Negativity is tenacious and lives longer than positive energy does. Once it is introduced to a person or a space, it quickly finds ways of hiding in dark corners and making itself home there. A periodic cleansing of your space is as essential as the cleansing of your own aura with a shower.

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First of All: Declutter!

Declutter is the first step to refreshing your space. It is a state of mind, not just a periodic, once or twice a year activity. Not only must you get rid of stuff that has not been used in months, you must keep doing it regularly and spontaneously. With practice, this will become an automatic action. Then you will be able to close all the gaping black holes where stuff tends to collect. 

For me, a large part of decluttering is not only to get rid of unused, excess stuff but also to get rid of the storage where all this stuff collects. If there is no place to store the clutter in, it will not collect. It seems to be working as of now.

Get rid of any storage spaces which acts as clutter magnates. Magazine baskets, huge bedroom dressers or cupboards. If you find that instead of helping you stay organized, these items are just becoming dumping grounds for stuff that will get sorted someday, get rid of them. We don’t want things to be made more difficult that they need to be! 

Here are a few simple thing to do- you’ll be amazed how effective they are:

Invigorating Air: Energy and Prana

Open all the doors and windows. Let natural elements work their magic. Natural light and air are filled with vitality and prana. Sitting in a brilliantly lit room all day is not the same as spending an entire day out of doors. The latter invites you to play, does it not?

Revitalize with Sound: Play, sing or recite

Tibetan Temple Bells: Wikimedia

Once your doors and windows are open, put on some peppy music. If you can sing, it is even more effective. It will not only clear the space of stale energies but will also lighten your own mood incredibly. Nothing revitalizes a space as much as a loud and joyous human voice.

Vedic chants, shloks and mantras have long proved their efficacy in vitalizing and energizing a space. Ancient Vedic prayers and shloks are known for their healing benefits. If peppy music is not your thing, play a recording of some Sanskrit shloks. I personally alternate between the Shiv Tandam Strotam or the Complete Rudri Path. There are plenty of other recitations of Sanskrit mantras available online. Find the ones that you connect with most.

Use one of these traditional instruments and let their musical tinkle chase the wisps of negative energy away. Tinkling wind-chimes are known to keep dark energies at bay. Take a brass bell, the kind all pooja rooms have. Go around your home ringing the bell vigorously. Or blow the shankh. The shankh is known to destroy insects and cause lizards acute discomfort. Or give your home a once over with cymbals going full clang. Trust me, it might seem weird, but it actually lightens up the space.

Cleansing Salt: Sea-Salt or Salt water

Sea-salt is a known energy cleanser. Taking a bath with warm salt water cleanses your aura of all negative energies. Similarly, using salt water to mop your floors will cleanse your space. You can also sprinkle dry sea-salt on the floor, especially under the furniture and in dark corners. Optionally, add some natural camphor to the salt. Leave the mix sprinkled for a couple of hours and then sweep/ vacuum the place. Please ensure that you throw out salt water or used salt after cleansing your home. The safest is to flush them down the toilet. That way they will neither harm you nor anyone else.

Refreshing Aromas: Aroma and Reed Diffusers

RevitalizeOnce the space is cleansed, energize it with sweet aromas. You can light aromatic candles; use aroma diffusers or reed diffusers. A simple agarbatti/ dhoop works just as effectively. Another option is to open a fresh batch of potpourri. You can also make potpourri at home with a few simple ingredients. Potpourri can be customized for various occasions. If nothing else is possible, take a bowl of plain water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it. Place such bowls all over the house and feel the aromas refresh and revitalize your space.

Energizing Live Flame: Light a lamp/ candle
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A live flame energizes a space. It is best to use an oil burning lamp for this. If the energy of a room is really depleted, regularly light a ghee filled diya in that room until you feel the balance restored. Light a candle if an oil lamp is a hassle. An aromatic candle would give two fold benefits. Have a collection of such candles in various aromas to suit different moods.

Fresh Warm Colors: Add bright, warm colors to the space

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Create a vibrantly colorful and jazzy corner in your room. A shock of color warm colors really lifts the energy of a space. Opt for some colorful cushions or a vibrant table runner. Or a bunch of colorful balls of wool in a beautiful bowl. Or grab a few differently shaped glass bottles, hit them with a spurt of spray paint and you have a colorful focal point in your room! Paint a few stones in different colors and place them together in a bowl or a tray. Pinterest is a veritable treasure trove of such fabulous ideas.

Stimulating Greenery: Add potted plants to your space

The presence of a few colorful potted plants- succulents, indoor plants or bonsais- liven up and rejuvenate a space like nothing else can. Bring the outdoors inside the house and watch your space bloom.

The best part about these ideas is that they can be implemented all together or only a few at a time. You need  no special equipment or resources to refresh and revitalize your home whenever you are in the mood to. Take what you have and use it. As you apply these ideas, mentally articulate and hold a strong intention to cleanse your space of all negative energies.

A strong intention is the most effective tool of all!


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