Rakhi Festival: Celebrating The Bond


Traditionally, Rakhi was just a simple mauli thread made of raw cotton.

The thread is a promise between a brother and a sister- or between a protector and protected. The thread is fragile but the promise it holds is indestructible. Some say, a Rakhi is the promise of a brother to his sister, that he would always stand by her in support, protection and celebration.

At Tissayra, we believe the opposite.

According to us, Rakhi is the promise of a sister that she would extend her circle of protection and blessings- not only to her brother and his family- but through him, to their common beloved home where they were both nurtured. Understanding the strength and power of women, this seems a more plausible explanation, does it not?

In either case, Raksha Bandhan has remained a festival of deep emotional significance. There are sweet memories woven around it with the iridescent, gossamer threads of nostalgia. We smile and laugh, remembering the many Raksha Bandhans gone by. But if you look closely into the laughing eyes, you will always detect a trace of moisture lurking in the corners.

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The gathering together of family, the aromas of lovingly made soul food, the love and the sharing, the retelling of old stories- some funny in retrospect, some sources of wholesale leg pulling… that is the stuff this beautiful festival is made of. And it is cherished deeply.

While such multifaceted memories cannot always be recreated because of distances, surely the esteem, love and commitment can be communicated intact? It isn’t very complicated, really.

You see, the things we create at Tissayra have the ability to convey love spontaneously. They are created with love, in a space where serenity and joy are permanently entrenched. In fact, those days when we feel that the balance and equanimity in our inner and outer space are (temporarily) disrupted, we create nothing at all. We’re very conscious of the aura our creations carry with them. Only the radiantly positive vibes of love and joy must travel from our space to yours. It is very important to us. This is why Tissayra will always remain a grassroots level shop round the corner where the personal touch is our strongest virtue.

The Handmade Rakhi Collection of 2017 has turned into a behemoth, with a whopping 110+ unique designs! Each of these are made with the best quality materials (which means no Chinese stuff at ALL). The workmanship is the usual Tissayra (read excellent) quality. As for the elegance and style, only our modestly prevents us from bragging. Don’t believe us? Check out the collection!

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To make your celebrations even more special, we’re also including six delicious homemade chocolates in two delectable flavors- Mango-Chilly in creamy white chocolate and Orange-Pepper in sinful dark chocolate. Trust me, you will simply LOVE both the flavors! We have too many testimonials to doubt that even for a second.

A few clicks and you can lean back, smiling. As for the moisture, well, what of it?

View the whole collection HERE!!


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