Payment Gateway @Tissayra!

Tissayra  takes one more step toward full e-commerce functionality with its new Payment Gateway!

As you have probably noticed, the past three months have been a time of intense activity and behind-the-scenes shuffling at Tissayra. We have transitioned from being a blog to a fully functional e-commerce portal- with shopping cart, checkout and automatic saving of your cart-  even when you aren’t registered with Tissayra! To say we’re excited and pleased, would be an understatement. We are, and how!

There was only one thing that wasn’t in place. The all essential Payment Gateway, allowing you the flexibility of paying for your purchases at Tissayra via debit/ credit card or through net-banking. Well, this post is to announce that as of today, Tissayra is also equipped with a fully functional Payment Gateway!

The Payment Gateway is enabled by Paytm– the popular mobile wallet company which is rapidly changing the way we shop- and pay.

What you need to do:

Once you are done with your shopping and have proceeded to the checkout, you will find two options for payment. The first is Direct Transfer to Bank Account and the second is PaytmSelect Paytm and you will be taken to Paytm’s secure Payment Gateway. Select the mode of your payment (debit card, credit card, net-banking or your Paytm wallet) and follow the steps as you normally would at any other e-commerce website. Once the payment process is successfully completed, you will be so informed. That’s it then, you’re done! All that remains to is, is to wait for the goodies to reach you.

What if there’s a glitch in the transaction? 

No problem. The efficient folks at Paytm will revert the payment within three days. To be on the safe side, do drop us a mail at with details of the transaction (Order date, Order number, Order amount and payment mode (debit card/ credit card/ net banking). In  your mail, if you would give your cell number, it would help us resolve the issue quickly.

What else is new?

In the coming few months, we will be offering temptingly beautiful and covet-worthy decor and gifts not only for Christmas and New Year, but also eminently suitable as wedding gifts. Watch out for our wedding gifts collection!

What remains the same?

Our commitment to innovation and quality remain the same as does our eagerness to custom-create your gifts. Anything that is handmade is sure to excite our interest and passion. At the bottom of every product, page, there are some text boxes in which you can leave your customization requests- whether it involves that product or not. If you leave us your cell/ Whatsapp number, we will surely contact you ASAP to explore your idea with you.

Behind the new look, your Tissayra is just the same as it ever was. It still strives to be the one place where you can order handmade, exclusive gifts to delight and amaze your loved ones!

Happy Shopping to you then!

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