Handmade Rakhis: Single #40 (Set of 2 Rakhis with Homemade Chocolates)


Handmade Rakhis are personal, beautiful and classy in a subtle, elegant way.
Store bought Rakhis seem so tired somehow. The designs are typical and OLD. You seem to have seen the same designs year after year. They are garish and in-your-face tacky. Or they are oh-my-goodness expensive. Why can’t they find a middle ground somewhere?
Well, now they do.
Handmade Rakhis at Tissayra are not choking at the seams (please forgive the mixed metaphors) with decorations, tinsel and garish beads. They are tastefully assembled and aren’t crammed with conflicting design elements. Yes, they are simply stylish, if we do say so ourselves.
Check out all the free goodies we’ll be shipping to you, listed below.  


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In addition to the Handmade Rakhis you choose, your shipment will also include the following… with loving compliments from Tissayra!
One extra thread Rakhi for shagun: since, in most families, sending a single Rakhi is bad luck.
One pack of Roli-Chawal in glass vials: 
The norm, of course, is to pack the auspicious Roli-Chawal in tiny plastic sachets. But we at Tissayra abhor using plastic and avoid it as far as possible. Our Roli-Chawal therefore comes enclosed in this cute little glass vials. And don’t worry, they will reach you intact. Our cargo is precious- to you as it is to us- and we package and ship it accordingly.
Six Delicious Chocolates:
Homemade chocolates beat the store bought variety hollow. The rich creaminess of homemade chocolates is to be experienced to be believed. The simplest, most basic chocolates are the most delectable chocolates you can ever treat yourself to. And when these chocolates are flavored… the experience is out of this world.
We are offering two of our best selling flavors… and we’re offering them to you FREE!
Super creamy white chocolate is stirred to a high gloss with aromatic Mango chocolate. To this rich mix is added a pinch of red-chilly flakes. Trust us, if you haven’t tasted this mix, you’ve missed a treat!
Sinfully rich dark chocolate is stirred with creamy orange chocolate. To bring it all to a startling, heady treat, a pinch of freshly ground pepper is added. If you are a dark chocolate fan, this is sure to send you all the way to the moon.
There will be three chocolate of each flavor included in your package. And as we said before, it will be FREE! Just a token of our love, you see.
A Beautiful Envelope/Card: made with Handmade Paper to hold your precious Handmade Rakhis
Richly textured handmade paper, with your own personalized message written within… can anything be lovelier? Your loved ones need not feel the distance at all! At Tissayra, we try to make your experience as special as we can. And this is just one of the things we would happily do.
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